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Try and do yours like mine:
Hair:short, black, and shoulder length
Eyes:green and sharp
Appearence:small nose, large, and has a strange fire in his eyes
Build:tall and lanky
Weopons:sword,bow and arrow, and deku nuts
Armor:tunic with chainmail, gauntlents, and a sheild
Clothing:tunic, pants, and shirt
Strengths:elemental caster:fire, climbs trees, and can unlock the power of the sages:flying, sealing of demons, and the power to combine with others
Special markings:scar under left eye
Weaknesses:darkness, multiple enemies, and over-confidence, is weak against ice.
Personallity:over-confident and kind-hearted
Bio:A boy from Kakiriko, Varod was a stable boy. He had many freinds. He trained in his spare time with the sword. He learned how to use a bow and could shoot a deer from a mile away.
After the Ganon war, Link died of poisoning soon after. It was then that the Gerudos burned down Kakiriko.
Then the sages came to him and anounced the seal over Ganon was breaking and they would bestoy the power of the hero upon him because Link was dead. Varod soon bought a load of Deku Nuts and began to await Ganons return.

Post your characters here.


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